Couples & Relational Issues

Abusive Behavior Inventory

Purpose: Assesses anxiety related effects of a recent traumatic event

Age Range: Any, if in a significant partner relationship

Scales: Physical abuse, Verbal abuse, Emotional abuse, Sexual abuse, financial abuse, Legal system abuse.


Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey (ACES)

Purpose: Identify types of childhood and adolescent traumatic experiences

Age Range: 6+

Scales: None


Anger Scale

Purpose: Brief Screener to assess anger symptoms

Age Range: 18+

Scales: none


Aggression Questionnaire (AQ)

Purpose: Screens for aggressive tendencies

Age Range: 9-88

Scales: Physical aggression, Verbal aggression, Anger, Hostility, Indirect aggression


Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)

Purpose: Measures anxiety symptoms and severity

Age Range: 17-80

Scales: Anxiety


Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)

Purpose: Measures depression symptoms and severity

Age Range: 13-80

Scales: Depression


Beck Hopelessness Scale (BHS)

Purpose: Measures negative attitudes about the future

Age Range: 17-80

Scales: Hopelessness


Bipolar Spectrum Disorder Scale (BSDS)

Purpose: Establish the presence of depressive and manic symptoms

Age Range: 18+

Scales: Mood scale


Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-Adult (BRIEF-A)

Purpose: Assess impairment of executive function in adults

Components: Respondent report, Informant report

Age Range: 18-90

Scales: Clinical-Inhibit, Shift, Emotional Control, Initiate, Working Memory, Plan/Organize, Organization of Materials, & Monitor.  Validity Indexes: Inconsistency & Negativity.  Additional indexes: Behavioral Regulation, Metacognition, & Global Executive.


Conflict Tactics Scale for Couples Second Edition (CTS2)

Purpose: Assesses the type and rate of domestic conflict and resolution tactics

Age Range: 18+

Scales: Negotiation, Psychological aggression, Physical assault, Sexual coercion, Injury


Domestic Violence Screener

Purpose: Assesses level of intimate partner violence

Age Range: 18+

Scales: none


DSM-V Level 1 Cross-Cutting Symptom Measure (Adult)

Purpose: Brief measure to assess mental health issues across prominent psychiatric diagnoses

Age Range: 18+

Scales: Depression, Anger, Mania, Anxiety, Somatic Symptoms, Suicidal Ideation, Psychosis, Sleep Problems, Memory, Repetitive Thoughts and Behaviors, Dissociation, Personality Functioning, Substance Use.


Family of Origin scale

Purpose: Assesses patterns and trends within family units

Age Range: 16+

Scales: none


Impact of Event Scale- Revised

Purpose: Assesses anxiety related effects of a recent traumatic event

Age Range: 12+

Scales: Avoidance, intrusion, Hyperarousal


Internet Addiction Test (IAT) 

Purpose: Assesses levels of internet and electronic use

Age Range: 10+

Scales: none


Loneliness Scale Revised UCLA Version 3 (RULS-3)

Purpose: Brief Screener to assess level of loneliness

Age Range: 12+

Scales: none


Marital Satisfaction Inventory Revised (MSI-R)

Purpose: Assesses respondent perspective of key relational issues & concerns

Age Range: 18+

Scales: Affective communication, Parenting conflict, Role orientation, Finances, Dissatisfaction with children, Aggression, Sexual issues, Global distress, Family history of distress, Time together


Maryland Addictions Questionnaire   (MAQ)

Purpose: Assesses addictions severity, Motivation for treatment, relapse potential, & treatment issues

Age Range: 17+

Scales: 5 Substance abuse scales, 5 treatment scales, 2 Validity scales, 3 Summary scales


Spiritual Assessment Inventory (SAI)

Purpose: Assesses for current patterns in personal spirituality

Age Range:16+

Scales: Awareness, Realistic Acceptance, Disappointment, Grandiosity, Instability, Impression Management


State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory (STAXI-2)

Purpose: Measures the experience, expression, and control of anger.

Age Range: 16-63

Scales: 3 main scales, 11 subscales, and 1 index


State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2 Child & Adolescent           (STAXI-C/A)

Purpose: Comprehensively yet concisely assess experience, expression, and control of anger while accounting for state and trait aspects

Age Range: 9-18

Scales: 5 main scales, and 4 subscales


State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI)

Purpose: Differentiate between state and trait anxiety in high school students & adults.

Age Range: 14-69

Scales: 2 main scales: State & Trait, measuring apprehension, tension, nervousness, & worry.


Stress Scale for Couples & Families

Purpose: A brief screener to assess areas of stress within relational units

Age Range: 18+

Scales: None

Stressful Life Experiences Screening

Purpose: Brief life experience stress screener

Age Range: 16+


Trauma & Attachment Belief Scale   (TABS)

Purpose: Assesses long term impact of trauma

Age Range: 9+

Scales: Safety, Trust, Esteem, Intimacy, Control