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Therapeutic Services

We have qualified, licensed professionals to provide therapy services to clients at all stages of life.  We specialize in the treatment of children, families, and trauma and crisis patients, but offer services for a wide range of mental health needs.

Play Therapy

A form of treatment used to help children and families express their emotions, play therapy can improve communication and promote healthy conflict resolution by allowing children to connect through play.


Testing & Assessments

Milestone has a testing library of almost 100 formal measures and assessments on hand, allowing us to gain valuable insight throughout the diagnoses and treatment processes to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment.

Supervision Services

Milestone offers supervision services for mental health counseling and clinical social workers who want to enhance and refine their professional skills. Contact us for more information.


Areas of Specialization Include:

  • General Psychotherapy

    • Adult Therapy (ages 18+)
    • Mood Disorders (depression, Bi-Polar)
    • Anxiety and Anxiety Related Disorders
    • Neurodevelopmental Disorders ADHD, Autism)
    • Dissociative Disorders
    • Work and Career Issues
    • Stress Management
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Anger Management
    • Advanced Integrative Christian Counseling
  • Children's Therapy

    • Pre and Post-natal developmental education and support (up to age 2)
    • Early Childhood Therapy (ages 2-12)
    • Adolescent Therapy (ages 12-18)
    • Disruptive Behavior Disorders
    • Trauma Related Disorders
    • Parent education and support
  • Couples/Family Counseling

    • Relationship Enhancement Therapy
    • Premarital Counseling (Preventative focused)
    • Couples Counseling (restorative focused)
    • Family Counseling (systemic focused)
    • Conflict Resolution
  • Crisis Counseling Services

    • Recovery therapy (divorce, bereavement, loss, medical, and emotional trauma)
    • Existential and Phase of Life Issues
    • Personality Disruption
    • Abuse Recovery: Physical, sexual, Emotional, relational, and religious

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