When you are facing the challenges of life all that is often needed, to turn things around, is a new perspective.

Whether you are facing significant problems or want to experience a more meaningful life, the perspective of a trained and experienced professional can be invaluable.


The therapists and counselors at Milestone are trained, experienced, and ready to assist you in achieving your goals, whatever they might be.  Whether you are facing mental health challenges, spiritual challenges, relational challenges, parenting challenges, specific life trauma, or want to add more meaning and depth to your life we are ready to walk with you down the path toward a fuller, more meaningful, and happier life.

At Milestone we DO NOT  simply treat problems!  We work with people, providing them with the guidance, information, and perspective that is needed to help them access their own personal strengths and abilities.  In an atomsphere of compassion, safety, and encouragement we will develop a plan unique to you and utilize a variety of techniques, approaches, & methods to help you achieve your greatest potential.

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